Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered

Does AlgoTradingBots profit from me running the Algos?

We only profit from the fees when you purchase any of our packages. If you decide to run the Algos at minimum size or at any other value does not affect us. The cost of the Algos are the same. Your winnings are yours.

Is AlgoTradingBots in control of my funds?

It is crucial to understand that AlgoTradingBots does not have any access, control or interest in your funds deposited with your broker. We provide the algorithms and while we will support and guide you on how to set them up, we do not have anything to do with your accounts with your broker or ProRealTime. We receive no commission from your gains or trades.

Does it work?

We cannot guarantee that our results will continue in the future, but our results are fully transparent and published on our results page and on social media. Our Discord is open to all current and potential customers, so join the conversation, try, and assess for yourself.

What is the minimum amount I can run an algo with? broker has a minimum size for each instrument, it is approximately around 550 euro.

How do I join Discord?

By clicking on the button at the top right that says: Join our Discord.

How can I contact you?

Either by joining Discord or writing to us via social media @AlgoTradingbots. Or send an email to

Can I try AlgoTradingBots for free?

No, but by contacting us, we can design a package that suits you. You can start the algo by following the guide in Discord. You can test with fictional money and no deposit is required.

Does AlgoTradingBots make money when I run algos?

We only make money when you purchase one of our packages. If you choose to run algos with minimal size or at any other value, it does not affect us. The cost for algos remains the same. Your profits and your money always remain yours.

Do your algos only trade Monday to Friday?

Yes, all algos trade only Monday to Friday, but some algos only trade on specific days. If you want to know more about a specific algorithm, you can visit: Our Algos on the website then click on: read more about this algo. Scroll down there for more info on the bot.

When it says in the guide position size: 2.4 for Nasdaq, how do you know how much money it is then?

To see exactly how much 2.4 is, follow these steps: Go to, go to dashboard, click on the blue button: open the platform, on the left you have a search function, search for the market you are looking for, in this case Nasdaq/Us Tech, then choose buy/sell in the chart, then enter 2.4 (or the size you are wondering about), then see: margin requirement below (that's what is needed in the account).