Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered

Does AlgoTradingBots profit from me running the Algos?

We only profit from the fees when you purchase any of our packages. If you decide to run the Algos at minimum size or at any other value does not affect us. The cost of the Algos are the same. Your winnings are yours.

Is AlgoTradingBots in control of my funds?

It is crucial to understand that AlgoTradingBots does not have any access, control or interest in your funds deposited with your broker. We provide the algorithms and while we will support and guide you on how to set them up, we do not have anything to do with your accounts with your broker or ProRealTime. We receive no commission from your gains or trades.

Is it working?

While we can not guarantee that our track record will continue into the future, our results are very transparent and published on our results page and social media. Our discord is open to all current and potential customers so join the conversation and judge for yourself.