Learn more about our company and mission

Learn more about our company and mission

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Contact us at info@algotradingbots.com. You can also contact us through instagram.com/algotradingbots/ and in our own Discord server.

Mission Statement

Why rent out algorithms if they are so good? Renting out algorithms is a risk-free income while the algorithms are used on your own account. Since the algorithms are not affected by how many people use them, there was nothing that harmed renting them out.

Company Story

At AlgoTradingBots, our founder has a passion for the stock market that spans over a decade. In recent years, we have honed in on developing automated trading strategies. After numerous trials and errors, we finally achieved successful returns. As word spread among friends and acquaintances, interest in our strategies grew. This led to the idea of making them available to anyone who was interested. In 2020, we officially launched Borisov Holding AB to do just that. Now, we are proud to offer our proven trading strategies to a wider audience through our website.

How We've Evolved

At the beginning, we focused on quantity over quality, releasing several algorithms in quick succession. Now, we prioritize quality over quantity and only offer a select few algorithms that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be successful over a period of several years on our own accounts. We give our customers the freedom to choose from our range of algorithms and decide which one best suits their needs and investment goals. Whether they prefer to use a single algorithm with a smaller capital or a whole portfolio, the choice is entirely up to them. We maintain complete transparency by providing performance data for all our algorithms through social media and our website, allowing customers to make informed decisions without any pressure from us.

"Aha!" Moment

At AlgoTradingBots, we have always been dedicated to developing high-performing algorithms. While we have had our share of successes and setbacks, we are proud to say that we have finally achieved the level of performance we have aimed for in our algorithms. Our customers' satisfaction is a testament to this.

Who We Serve

At AlgoTradingBots, we serve a diverse range of investors. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, our algorithms are designed to help you achieve your investment goals. Whether you're saving in funds, stocks or looking for new opportunities, our algorithms have been tested and proven to outperform index funds. We believe that our service is accessible to anyone who wants to improve their investment strategy and gain an edge in the market.

What We Offer

At AlgoTradingBots, we offer a variety of carefully optimized and tested trading algorithms. Our algorithms have been rigorously tested using both historical and live data to ensure their effectiveness. We currently offer 9 different algorithms that can be used on various markets and timeframes, giving our clients the flexibility to choose the strategy that best suits their investment goals. Our clients also have the ability to adjust the amount they wish to invest in each algorithm. Additionally, we provide transparency by sharing historical performance data, and also offer one time fees without recurring time.